Have You Here /// Nadia Kazmi

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Lobianco

Originally from Calgary, a city in Alberta, Canada, Brooklyn-based indie artist, Nadia Kazmi, released her latest track on the twenty-second day of July 2022 titled “Have You Here.” This powerful single was able to follow a previous release that she was able to share with the public about two weeks ago on the eighth day of July 2022 called “Gold into Dust,” the Cru the Dynamic Remix version of it.

“Have You Here” starts off rather soft and smooth, which would then turn into something rock-like, Nadia providing vocals that are rich and full while the track is able to progress throughout. As soon as the track starts, the instrumentation has been able to come out strong as it continues.

Inspired by the nostalgia that Nadia had during her youth years, it has also been said that “Have You Here” is also about the “enduring love that captures people’s hearts and minds.” Now that summer is here, it has been shared that it is a perfect song to listen to while on road trips or on nights where thunder is able to strike. 

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to continue to give their audience something to jam out to, especially when it comes to weather change, Nadia Kazmi is definitely someone you should turn your attention to. “Have You Here” seems as if a promise has been made when it comes to being on a much-needed road trip or if you’re wanting to look for a tune that is able to make you want to get up and dance.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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