More Than A Maybe /// Juna N Joey

As many people have said, “Love is in the air.” Juna N Joey, a singer/songwriter brother/sister country duo from West Palm Beach/Nashville, released their latest track called “More Than A Maybe” on the seventeenth day of June 2022. This track was able to follow an acoustic version that was released in April of 2022 called “Til Your Heart Breaks,” the original version having to have been released just five and a half months prior in October of 2021.

“More Than A Maybe” starts off catchy and melodic, the vocals provided by Juna N Joey being rich, warm, and expressive as the track has been able to progress throughout. As soon as the track starts, the instrumentation provides such a smooth and atmospheric accompaniment that is able to make audiences get up and dance as they get ready to enjoy the summer days and months that are able to come their way while also feeling nostalgic.

Speaking of “More Than A Maybe,” it’s been shared that this track will bring back memories of high-school romances just in time for the summer. 

If you’re looking for a sibling duo that is able to start your summer off to a wonderful start, Juna N Joey is the duo that you should turn your attention to. “More Than A Maybe” seems as if a promise has been made when it comes to high school sweethearts wanting to feel nostalgic and look back on the most amazing memories that they have experienced throughout their high school years.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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