Wotts is a Canadian indie-pop duo that is making fun, interesting records that embody catchy songwriting and immersive sound design. Their newest single “6 shooter” is a collaboration with “The Desert Island Big Band” and the tune delivers a nice summer laid back vibe for your sound system. The original record is from DIBB, but Wotts has successfully reimagined the record to put their own spin on it.

The song begins with guitar chords that are both slightly phased, sitting next to panned guitars that are less saturated with effects.. Drums and washed vocals create a dreamy nostalgic vibe from the beginning. The beat never allows you to get too settled as there are fills at almost every few bars, creating a slight tension that provides an interesting energy to the song. Their timbre are both pop and 80s in with how the snare has been produced. The vocals throughout the song are delivered with a choral, doubled effect that are also slightly distorted and effected through a neat chain. All these choices show a great grasp of production and vision in how the overall sound was meant to be executed.

The hook presents a light 80s synth occupying the high frequency range. Towards the end of the tune, near the last pre-chorus of the song, more synths are included as the vocals are rendered even more. The song’s strength is in its melodic vocal hook that is both catchy and not over the top. It’s easy to get the chorus stuck in your head after one listen and at a lean running time of “2:38”, the song successfully achieves the need to want to run it back. The composition is also thoughtfully aware of the dynamics, creating space for a bridge where the drums are able to cut out and highlight other elements of the song. Instrumentally, there isn’t too much going on but every instrument and sound is achieving so much and staying busy in the mix to provide an energy for the vocals to excel in front of.

“6 Shooter” is a great summer song that has a desert, reflective aura about it. For fans of The Killers and The War on Drugs, you’re going to love this tune.

Written by Jon Kagan





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