Don’t Even Mind The Rain /// mUmbo

In collaboration with Italian-based drummer, Antonio Dalé, London-based Alt-Rock band, mUmbo, released their latest track titled “Don’t Even Mind The Rain” on the fifteenth day of July 2022. This follows a previous single that they released back in April of 2022 called “Swing My Hip.” Emma Semple performed as a vocalist; the string instruments were represented by acoustic and electric guitars as well as a banjo (Doug MacGowan) and a violin (Emma Semple).

“Don’t Even Mind The Rain” starts off melodic, the vocals being warm and distinctive as the track has progressed throughout. As soon as the track begins, the instrumentation brought an accompaniment that was smooth and atmospheric as well as lyrics that were thought-provoking and meaningful in many ways in which the track has been able to provide originality as well as creativity that has been shown.

Speaking of “Don’t Mind The Rain,” it has been said that this track has been able to explore the following themes: hope, love, regret, a quiet optimism, and a bright sadness. 

If you’re looking for a band that has been able to share central themes within a track that are wanting to be explored as they share a possible story idea that is destined to come from it, mUmbo is definitely the band that you should turn your attention to. “Don’t Even Mind The Rain” seems as if a promise has been made when exploring different themes and seeing how each of those themes shares the ability to unfold as time passes.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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