Marathon /// Alex Slay

“Marathon” is the new single by Nashville R&B artists Alex Slay and Clover Jamez. Their vocal abilities shine on this song, with a crisp guitar melody accompanying them. The bright melodies are perfect for the summer, and for a nice sunny day. The production, along with the vocals, work well together and set the vibe effectively well. The lyrics offer introspection as well as catchy one liners, overall the song is effective at communicating the message that the artists wanted while making it enjoyable at the same time. 

Alex Slay and Clover Jamez both took different paths to end up where they are now, but their unique styles sound fresh once they are working together. They describe the journey life can be like, “So set your own pace, go your own way, raise your own stakes. I promise you’re okay. It’s not about the win ‘bout that time that you take. It’s not about the when ‘bout the life that you make,” Slay sings. 

During Clover Jamez verse, he offers his perspective. “Good times like these keep me moving forward, Stamina going crazy like the fourth quarter. Everything’s a marathon with you it feels shorter, Hmmm I got time for you bae, Imma move the calendar around for today, I’m just playin’ you know that I’m down everyday,” he sings. 

Alex Slay has over 900 monthly listeners on Spotify, and has two other songs released. Clover Jamez has over 800 monthly listeners, and released an album earlier in 2022.

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