A Silent Scream /// S J Denney

During times when everything becomes too much to bear, it can take all of your strength not to let out a primal yell out of sheer frustration. Instead, you might stifle it down in order to go about business as usual. However, deep down inside, you know that you’re just holding on for dear life. Singer-songwriter S J Denney’s latest single, “A Silent Scream,” is a solemn folk tune that laments on keeping things bottled up and wanting freedom from the pressure it brings.

For much of “A Silent Scream,” you would be right in assuming it’s an easy listening, folk track. The lighthearted sounding melody is a clear indication of such. However, the pace at which it moves works to rein any carefree thoughts in. Denney’s easy, breezy acoustics lull you into that space where you fall into a sea of contemplation, effectively setting the mood for the deep dive yet to come.

From the get go, Denney lets us into what he’s thinking as he devises his “plan.” However, even the best laid ones fall apart and the aftermath is disguised with a “silent scream” or “smile.” On the outside, everything’s fine. On the inside, mayhem. From there on, it’s regret, retreat and reflection. Rather than “step in the spotlight,” Denney would rather be the sad clown who shuns attention.

On “A Silent Scream,” Denney captures the unquiet mind while regaling us with a tranquil melody. While everything seems to be floating right along, he’s furiously paddling below the surface. Given the choice between sink or swim, it’s a coin flip which way it will turn. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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