Get You Off My Mind /// Atomic Bronco

Sometimes, you can be fixated on something or someone to the point where they dominate your every thought. Try as you might to jump the tracks of this train of thought, it still remains there to remind you that it’s unresolved. Instead, you mull it over while looking for a way to free yourself from the clutches of obsession. Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Kyle Nuss, otherwise known as Atomic Bronco, is woefully fixated on this garage rock single, “Get You Off My Mind.” Trapped in another’s web, Nuss hits back with ragged riffs to try and break the mental chains.

“You’ve got the hook to trap me” is the introduction to this tangled tale told by Nuss. It’s a story of will power, inner fortitude and resistance to falling prey to what landed you in this mess to begin with. “I gotta see if I can get you off my mind” is the broad realization that they have burrowed their way into his head. Even though it dawns on Nuss that the “odds are stacked against me,” he’s willing to roll the dice to see his better nature win out in the end.

On this track, Nuss strikes a balance between quiet contemplation and furious, frenetic discord. Allowing the inner monologue to breathe during the down tempo moments is key to not letting this strife get lost in the shuffle. On the flip side, there’s plenty of high energy guitar hooks and hectic drums to go around that exemplify the other side of being trapped by unwanted attachment. 

On “Get You Off My Mind,” Nuss may want to rid himself of whomever’s got a mental hold on him. But, with such an addicting, ferocious melody, it would be hard to wean oneself off of the energy he has created here.  

Written by Travis Boyer





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