Cruise Control /// Sky Olson

Sky Olson is an award-winning songwriter based in Utah who also produces his own music. His newest single “Cruise Control” is influenced by both The Police and John Mayer and based on the final product, you can definitely hear The Police in the instrumentation and Mayer’s vocal delivery style on the main vox.

The song begins with an 80s synth holding its note in modulation before arriving at a smooth-rock and easy listening composition that has a smooth electric guitar playing over a groovy bass as Olson’s vocals sit crystal clear centerstage in the mix.

The production on the overall track is really well done. Everything is balanced and no frequencies are masking each other. There’s a levity with mids and hi-mids smoothening the track, allowing the low end bass to really fill its groove. The best way to describe the production is ‘clean.’

The composition presents a lot of interesting layers with different drum patterns at different sections. Olson also does a great job at formatting the piece with each section fitting a radio, pop-friendly formula of being lean and catchy. The hook really stands out with Olson’s great songwriting skills of transitioning from riffs and chords. Although the rhythm section is very reminiscent of The Police, there is plenty of soulful guitar playing that is certainly a nod to John Mayer. The marriage of these two sounds is done with great respect and taste. Most importantly, Olson is still able to maintain his own unique voice.

For fans of a smooth, relaxing pop tune that can act as the backdrop to any summer cruise or day of the year that’s asking for an unwinding – “Cruise Control” is for you. Sky Olson is a talented singer, musician, songwriter, and producer that is worthy of your attention and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Written by Jon Kagan






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