Into the Night /// Sweeter than Sorrow

Sweeter than Sorrow is a Swedish singer-songwriter who is making beautiful, intimate music that is both minimal and vast in its sonic experience. “Into the Night” is a gorgeous piano ballad that serves a lullaby with melancholic melodies and tender vocals.

The piano right away feels like a ballad, but it’s Sweeter Than Sorrow that has almost a theatrical timbre in his voice, but with the tameness and reservation of a Leonard Cohen. The contrabass adds a classiness that adds color to the overall mix, accentuating a late night, reflective vibe to the experience.

Sweeter than Sorrow softly sings his vocals as if he’s delivering them with meticulous care as to not deliver them  too abrasively. This quality in his vocal delivery works well with the tenderness of the piano. Because of the minimalist composition, you really get a feel for the subtle melodious songwriting. There are moments very reminiscent to Tori Amos’ intimate records and Sweeter Than Sorrow is able to capture his own realm of sound with his baritone voice. The composition also does a great job in creating space for sections to just be the instrumental with light ad-libbing and humming. These moments are gorgeous and provide the piece with some different dynamics.

Lyrically, the song excels in being romantic, but also really focusing on the main lyric, “Into the night, my love,” which Sweeter than Sorrow knows holds the catchy delivered line of the record.

For fans of intimate ballads that are reflective, relaxing, somber, yet comforting – “Into the Night” is for you. Sweeter than Sorrow knows his sound and performs it well, offering us a beautiful tune.

Written by Jon Kagan






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