Lately /// Victoria-Finehout-Vigil

Victoria-Finehout-Vigil is an artist based out in New York City. Her new single “Lately” is a pop rock ballad that also has shades of indie in its composition.

The song begins with a beautiful harp as Victoria’s gorgeous voice sits right next to it. The delicate introduction than immediately renders to grit as distorted guitars enter the mix as a kick drum fills the low end. The songwriting plays with your expectations once again as a few beats of silence lead to a massive hook where Victoria’s voice get treated with slight distortion and the dynamics of all the sounds fill the mix.

The second verse now introduces a grooving bass, big snares and fills, and a rhythmic piano that adds drive to the piece. There’s definitely a 90s rock band influence that is rare to here these days with music going digital and electronic.

A personal favorite moment is after the second hook, an acoustic guitar plays a really chill and pretty melody as Victoria’s lead vocals and background harmonize and create an angelic atmosphere. The production really takes a cinematic approach to the entire track, by painting a sound design that makes the song feel powerful and intimate.

Distant reverberated electronic chords in the outro juxtaposing with the epic hook both show the excellence in the dynamic range of this tune. Lyrically there are great lines of “Why Don’t You Stay” that compliment the musical backdrop. My favorite compositional choice is that the song just cuts out abruptly that fits well with the context of the song touching on the subject of a relationship’s uncertainty.

For fans of big rock tunes that are both delicate and massive in their sound, Victoria-Finehout-Vigil has released a great tune that deserves your attention. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from the talented artist.

Written by Jon Kagan






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