Black Sky, White Moon /// Moses Mikheyev

“Black Sky, White Moon” is the new single by indie artist Moses Mikheyev. This alternative folk track is sentimental and emotional, as he sings about a relationship. 

According to Mikheyev’s bandcamp page, this song was written about a former lover who left him for someone else. Although their love and time together was brief, the magic of their moments together still exists in those memories, and this song was meant to capture a specific moment. “One night we were out and about—somewhere in Kirkland, Washington—and I held her close beneath a patch of bright stars. The sky above was dark, even black, and the air was cool and crisp. I held her there beneath a large, white moon and promised her a thousand things. It seemed like I spent an eternity there with her,” he said. 

Acoustic guitar serves as the main instrument on this track, fitting with the soulful lyrics and vocal melodies. Other instruments join the composition at the start of the second verse, including a drum and a light amount of electric guitar. A string section part can be heard as well. 

This song isn’t about heartbreak or the end of the relationship. It is an attempt at capturing true love, even after those feelings in the past have changed or altered. He is capturing a personal, real moment in time with this song. “Let’s go to a place that we only know. Where autumn blooms flowers. In summer it snows, and I’d like to confess things I never told,” he sings.

During the chorus, he sums up the moment and how he felt in that moment beautifully. “Under a black sky and a white moon, I will hold you. Under a black sky, and a white moon, I’ll be yours,” he sings.

Moses Mikheyev’s debut album is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2023.

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