Run It /// Amy Correa Bell

Amy Correa Bell is an artist from the 818 Valley in Southern California. Blending Urban Pop, New Wave, and R&B, she uses music to travel to different eras and find meaning. “Run It” is a song about overcoming struggle through finding gratitude for our ancestors’ struggles and ultimately appreciating how their stories gave us a better life. Bell draws from a personal recount of her mother’s and grandmother’s journeys before arriving in America.

The song begins with a rhythmic synth chord before a spacious reverberated atmosphere kicks in with Bell’s voice, as it slowly fades in with a reverse effect. Immediately her voice is accompanied by a warm low end bass. The percussion is light, allowing the mix to sit well with all the different frequencies not competing. Bell’s voice sits well front and center in the mix. The hook then drops the bass into a beautiful hook with a high end frequency synthesizer before the bass comes back in. 

Lyrically, you feel the sense of Bell running away from certain struggles but at the same time keeping the lyrics up for interpretation as she confesses to wanting to find the light and be outside.

Texturally, there are a lot of cool ad-libs and really neat vocal harmonies and layers. 

Instrumentally, the timbre gives an introspective vibe that suits late night ruminating or lounge settings. Amy Correa Bell is very talented and has a captivating voice that feels effortless with a modern indie-pop, R&B delivery. The song concludes as an instrumental with the different synthesizers playing out with the minimal drum and present bass. 

For fans of smooth, reflective music – this one’s for you. We look forward to hearing what’s next from the talented Amy Correa Bell.

Written by Jon Kagan






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