Finally Enough /// Indoor Friends

Relationships have a demented way of shaping our own self-worth. Good relationships make us feel invaluable, while bad relationships make us feel dispensable. However, there are times when that toxic partner comes back with their own designs on rekindling that dumpster fire. Little do they know, you’ve become a stronger, more well-adjusted person because of them. Boston-based alt-rock band Indoor Friends have released a single, “Finally Enough,” that encapsulates what it is to grow as a person because of past experience.

Written and sung by Krista Marie Setera, “Finally Enough” is an anthem for those who have wised up enough to not be fooled by half-hearted offerings of olive branches. Normally a backup vocalist, Setera takes command with a voice borne of a new found confidence. Reclaiming her self-esteem, she pushes back in defiance of someone who created the damage that she has since repaired. She is now “the leading lady in the scene” and she is no longer bashful enough to be a background player in someone else’s story.     

Matching the aggressive, no more B.S. tone stride for stride, the guitar riffs are on point with the vocal assertiveness from Setera. Not to be lost in the shuffle either, there are percussive pressure points that are hit by the drums that add the necessary punctuation. Altogether, “Finally Enough” screams out that I am worthy of more and won’t be robbed of it again.

On “Finally Enough,” Indoor Friends have found that sweet spot of angst and self-assurance to deliver an in your face anthem for fighting back the past. With no turning back, the only way is forward. “Finally Enough” leaves behind the shell of who you were and celebrates the whole of who you are. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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