Are You Sorry Yet? /// Indoor Friends

In the stages of breakup grief, there are detours on the road to acceptance. Chief among them is backsliding towards the source and spinning out on the slippery slope of vindictive thoughts. Eventually, you wise up to leaving the past in the past. Boston alt rock band Indoor Friends churn over seeking post breakup validation on their latest single, “Are You Sorry Yet?” With a straight ahead, alt rock edge, the band comes to grips with a breakup, but not before wrestling with the past.

On their previous single, “Finally Enough,” Indoor Friends rightfully chose empowerment. On this latest edition of post-relationship blues, they’ve backtracked into dredging up the past. The methodical way of this melody is a direct representation of the avenues your mind can wander while looking back. It doesn’t jump out at you to spur you forward and keeps you subdued enough to drift backwards into the clutches of days gone by. 

Guiding you through the stages of mental gymnastics is lead singer Amanda Bysheim. At first, there’s dwelling on wanting to have ended things on your own terms. Then, there’s a turn at being “petty” while wanting payback for not being heard. Even though inflicting enough emotional pain is the goal, reality taps you on the shoulder to remind you that you weren’t meant to be. In the end, sadness begets spite which then, finally, leads to some kind of acceptance.

On “Are You Sorry Yet?” Indoor Friends crafted a mature breakup song because of how it displays growth. Sure, not everyone is well-adjusted after a relationship ends. But, this song travels out from a dark place, entertains its trappings, but comes out on the other side with the answer they knew was there all along. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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