The latest release from singer-songwriter Laura Lang, “Bad Luck”, came out in the beginning of the month and it’s the title track from her upcoming EP. Laura Lang’s music is rooted in a pop/rock style, and possibly inspired by grunge bands of the 90’s. This track is very much an easy listening alternative song that could appeal to many who like anything of the alternative genre.

“Bad Luck” is about being in a relationship – the sadness, anger, and frustration that comes with being in a relationship that has settled and isn’t going well. This is a grungy, alternative rock song, comparable to rock band Garbage. Laura Lang’s voice is buttery smooth and sweet while singing heartbreaking lyrics like, “diagnosed with bad luck/I’m tired of endlessly chasing for someone to love/ I’ll never have”. Lyrics like that are sung with such an exhaustion, but also a depressing acceptance of just being settled into a bad relationship.    

The overall feel of the song is dark and moody, specifically the Nirvana-esque lead guitar riff that plays throughout most of the song. Yet a precious, vulnerable quality emits while listening. “Bad Luck” is composed with such an ethereal feel, through the mix of sounds and vocals.

Laura Lang is a young seventeen year old from Memphis, TN and has only been releasing music since the end of last year, and only has a couple of singles so far. Hopefully this song, and the forthcoming EP, will be the catapult Laura Lang needs for her career because it is definitely well deserved.

Written by Autumn Martin

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