Throughout your life, there will be many people who will say that they will always be there. It’s a token of reassurance that people pay forward to cement relationships. However, the true blue ones not only talk the talk, but walk the walk with you. For his debut single, “Lost Souls,” singer-songwriter KJ Hand is willing to go the extra mile on this promising indie folk tune.

Straight out of the box, Hand sets a solemn atmosphere via a deep, piano-led melody. It is the catalyst for a moving song about trying to chisel through the brick and mortar of the emotional walls that someone has constructed around their heart. It is paced with a slower, flowing sound because it is not an easy task to reach someone who’s unwilling to connect. It all cycles back to two factors of building any relationship: time and effort. 

On “Lost Souls,” Hand is offering an olive branch with no strings attached. What’s laid out here is the tale of two people: one smitten and one standoffish. Hand is the former, who offers to be their shoulder to lean on. He’s not their saving grace, he just wants a chance to prove himself. No grand gestures necessary, only asking them to seize the opportunity.

On this debut track, Hand delivers a heartfelt ballad about being present. Oftentimes, the past becomes a concurrent life to our day to day. We live today, but look at it through the prism of yesterday. On “Lost Souls,” Hand is unequivocally clear about being living in the present while he tries to extract someone else from their haunting past.

Written by Travis Boyer





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