Barium /// Prime Sinister

“Barium” is the new single by Hip-Hop/Rap artist Prime Sinister. The rhymes and the production both shine together on this song. The delivery is vicious and hard hitting, with a catchy hook rapped to add to the song, and fire verses fit in between to make this cohesive track. 

Prime Sinister is a rapper from the United Kingdom, specifically London. He named his unique style of rhyming “syllabism”, which is demonstrated well on “Barium”.  To start things off, he raps, “Barium. I’m elementary in the air and I’m aware that I’m the scariest career in the aquarium. I’m delirious from fearing my delirium. I’m weary cause the nearest to me scares when I’m ensnaring ‘em. Barium.” 

He doesn’t hold back on the two verses either. “I will keep burning these nerds on the beat with this verse, that I’m spitting as subversive critique,” he raps. The rhymes are crucial to the execution of his flow, and it works well all fit together on this beat. “As I spit, the orchestra performs while flitting awkwardly, the audience that yawns like it’s the morning dawn,” he raps. He paints vivid pictures with his wordplay.

The production features a looped piano melody with boom bap drum barrage. The drum pops off the track, with the lyricism coming in full force next. 

He has over 5,000 followers on Soundcloud, and over 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He released his second album in 2020, titled “Patient Zero.” 

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