Journeys of self-discovery are not as tangible as road maps. There are no set coordinates that one must follow to find the person they were meant to be. It’s a state of mind that dawns upon you as accumulated experience molds you into who you are destined to be. On their latest single, “Flight,” London alt rockers DAAY take a mental trip powered by a hybrid melody that will open your mind’s eye to where you may be headed down the line.

On what can be described as a tribal based rhythm, DAAY infuses elements of jazz and psychedelic sound together along with a steadily hypnotic, marching melodic undertone. It is highly influential in honing your focus on to a singular thread of what will become an incredible wall of sound. Eventually, the aforementioned jazz-psych hybrid leaps forward and pushes the track to a gloriously groovy finish.

“Flight” is a tale of having your head in the clouds and imagining some place greater than where you stand in life. It’s about transcending the circumstances that have weighed you down on this mortal plane and embracing a new paradigm. Distinct among them is the image of a “rainbow bridge,” which in this context, likely refers to a long, difficult journey towards finding a sought after inner peace. After its respective hues materialize, this bridge brings on the “euphoria of hard earned completion” from reaching an elusive contentment.

On “Flight,” DAAY has created a sensory experience akin to slipping into a meditative state. You feel the natural world fade into the background and are met with a vibrant, new world dawning before you. “Flight” is a gradual, melodic path paved with transformative sound.

Written by Travis Boyer





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