Get Some Air /// The Grand Prix

Despite living in the most interconnected era in our history, we isolate ourselves. It’s happening by, literally, being left to our own devices. Whether it’s a video chat or a text, we’re engaging with an impassive screen that’s rendering our social interactions down to two dimensions. In the end, we’re trapped in a digital dungeon. Indie rockers The Grand Prix are back with their latest single, “Get Some Air,” a synth-laden tune about the emotional disconnect between us all.

On “Get Some Air,” the melody itself harkens back to that dreamy, high pitched tune of arcade games. Before we all fell into our current technological rabbit holes, there were 8-bit graphics that had us transfixed on eating pixelated pellets with another glob of dots. The Grand Prix emulates that happy, boppy soundtrack that was often overheard while smashing those buttons in pursuit of the high score. At the same time, it’s very much what’s past is prologue in the precedent for losing ourselves in whatever currently has a hold on us.

Aside from the throwback sound, this tune turns contemporary with a refrain about “spitting bubbles on my phone” while “sitting on my own.” It’s a song about self-realization that you’re stuck in a lonely spot. However, instead of leaving the “basement,” it dwells on what was said and decides not to get back out there. In the end, it falls back on this technological crutch that we substitute for interpersonal communication.

“Get Some Air” is a song that puts on a brave, contented exterior with its sound, but it’s lonesome on the inside. The Grand Prix does an exceptional job in its portrayal of being a modern, social being. While dulling down the edges of our screens, they attempt to thin the veil of tech with a sleek melody and sharp wit. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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