Tell Tale Heart /// The Midnight Foxes

Inspiration for a work of art doesn’t always need to be derived from an abstract source. Sometimes, it has always been right there in your daily life without recognizing it. On their latest single, “Tell Tale Heart,” alt rockers The Midnight Foxes found their sonic muse from drummer Rhys Jones’ occupation as a cardiologist. A slyly placed, lub dub of a heartbeat makes appearances on this soaring guitar-laden melody that takes a turn at rising alt-rock with a symphonic flair.

On “Tell Tale Heart,” the aforementioned pulse invites you into a song that begins on a solemn note. Before long, the ascending riffs take hold and carry this song to grander heights. In addition, the impactful drum hits are a sharp substitute for the ultrasound filtered impulse. Altogether, this song climbs its way up the melodic ladder until it reaches a lofty level. 

Much like the title’s namesake, the heartbeat is the main character. It grows louder at the most opportune, downtempo times. It’s a nod to the literary device spun by Edgar Allan Poe in that it’s a spectral sound that isn’t front and center, but lurks beneath the metaphorical floorboards of this song. By the conclusion, it’s all you hear until it gradually flatlines as this track expires. 

There’s an old writing adage that states you should write what you know. In the background of this soaring, symphonic alt rock tune exists the rhythm of life. Not only is it personal to someone who specializes in physical matters of the heart, but it is one of the few things that resonates within us all. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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