Chase The Sun /// Apaolo

If there were ever a template for freedom, the open road would be a fine place to start. The ability to go anywhere you want, when you want, with whomever tags along is one of the simplest freedoms there is. It’s the allure of the natural escapism provided by wide open spaces that powers “Chase The Sun,” the debut single by singer-songwriter Apaolo. On an up-tempo, emo pop-punk tune, the Cincinnati based artist aspires to leave everything behind with the traveling companion of his dreams.

Digging into Apaolo’s backstory, it’s no wonder that his first single is a nomadic, hopeless romantic ballad. Split between moving to either Cincinnati or Nashville, he left the decision up to the outcome of the 2022 AFC Divisional playoff game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans. Ultimately, the Bengals won and Apaolo was bound for Cincy without even knowing a soul in that particular city.

“Chase The Sun” is comparable to putting your future into the hands of the outcome of a sporting event. Whichever way the ball bounces, your fortune will be determined by an unpredictable force. Much like Apaolo in real life, this song hits the road for parts unknown, while looking to make his mark somewhere new.

A luminous side of pop-infused emo rock is the base of “Chase The Sun.” It’s optimistic, but at the same time, it is restless and wants more than the same old, same old. Transcending the mundane for a life less ordinary comes in the form of some majestic guitar riffs. They are the emotional backbone of a track that yearns to break free from the constraints of the humdrum.

Of course, no adventure would be complete without someone to share it with. Apaolo has his heart set on making their “dreams’ ‘ into reality on a westward bound journey of living life to fullest. It’s the classic narrative of we’re all we that we need. It’s about getting the most out of life with a beloved companion by your side.

On his debut, Apaolo pursues the life we can only dream of: to pick up and start anew somewhere else when the mood strikes. It’s a romanticized idea that he can only share with another, specific soul. Formatted in a poppier, emo rock setting, “Chase The Sun” is a hopeful, idealistic romp that speaks to the dreamer in all of us.     

Written by Travis Boyer




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