Days On Days /// The Max Headroom

Sometimes, instead of living in the moment, we complicate the simple just by thinking. Unable to take it for what it is, we end up twisting ourselves into mental knots over the possibility of what could be. Or in the case of “Days On Days,” the new single by alt rockers The Max Headroom, pizza could just be pizza. Unspooling a psych-inspired melody, the Australian band spins out of their heads while fixating on finding meaning in a chill night in.

Laying the foundation for a track based out of indecision, a wiry melody slyly unwinds to represent the infinite loop of contemplation. In addition, dark and moody guitar and bass lines show off the murkiness of being overly analytical. Over the life of this track, a growing intensity builds up in the same way that internal frustration becomes more potent over time. In the end, it casts a shadow over the bright, happy moment that this song ends up deconstructing.

“Days On Days” is set in a cozy night spent with someone you care about. Outside of the pizza and rocky road ice cream, the theme of this song is not a treat, it’s a trick of the mind. It’s about wanting to prolong the moment you’re in and convincing yourself it might lead to more. The alternative would be feeling “numb” for “days on days” through thinking over what could have been. At the same time, there’s the indecision of taking a chance or playing it safe. Altogether, it is the anthem of psyching yourself out of enjoying the moment in front of you.

Written by Travis Boyer





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