Faded, Not Jaded /// Detention

While riding a wave of rambunctious, accelerated pop-punk energy, Akron, Ohio-based rockers, Detention, have rekindled the spark for hyper-distressing emo with their latest single, “Faded, Not Jaded.” Instead of sluggishly wallowing in self-pity, this track lets it rip with a breakneck rendition that colludes with post-hardcore intensity to form a boisterous hybrid. Instead of picking up the pieces, “Faded, Not Jaded” is bent on self-deconstruction as a remedy for a shattered relationship. 

In near solemn fashion, deep, thundering drums kick off this track before ratcheting up an intense, ragged edge. “Faded, Not Jaded” swiftly moves into a disorienting sound space. You would expect nothing less from a track that dizzyingly laments its own identity in the wake of personal upheaval. It ferverishly whips you around in a blender of aggressive hooks until you are staggered by its emotional vertigo. 

“Faded, Not Jaded” is the struggle of reconciling your identity when a relationship ends. Lead singer Elliott Carter is our guide into the questions that flow through your mind when it’s all said and done. Without getting any answers, all of those insecurities come flooding back in a tsunami of self-doubt. Altogether, it’s a resounding take on how identity can become conflicted after sacrificing part of it to another. 

After winning the 2022 Cleveland Music Award for “Best Punk Band,” Detention is riding high as a band on the rise. “Faded, Not Jaded” is an example of why they are a band to watch on the reemerging punk scene. By tapping into that relatable angst of lost identity, Detention have created a song with all of the classic hallmarks of a raging punk track.

Written by Travis Boyer





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