Circus Of Fleas /// The Diabolics

From Boulder, Colorado, The Diabolics are an alternative rock band making music for those fans of both classic and contemporary styles of rock music. So far, they only have one full album called Graveyard Tracks released early this year. However, they have been putting out music for the past couple of years with their overall sound being a combination of rock, blues, and funk. That sound includes their newest single called “Circus Of Fleas” which was released early this month- a song about unrequited love.

This specific track by The Diabolics plays with the style of rockabilly blues, using a sweet groove that carries the song. The composition of the song is broken into different sections of sound. What begins as a melodic, soft rock and blues track picks up with a fuller band sound consisting of an amazing funky bass line. And there are even more changes to come in the song after that, like a fun chorus and instrumental breaks. Even with the changes of sound and tone, the track continues to flow. 

The juxtaposition of the upbeat rhythm, its funk, nice melodies, and how it all flows together along with the melancholy lyrics of unrequited love is what truly makes the song. This track is so well thought out and put together with every second of the piece perfectly placed.  

“Circus Of Fleas” and the rest of The Diabolics’ growing discography is fitting for those who like current rock styles, and for those who are looking for that old school rock feel. 

Written by Autumn Martin

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