No Way /// Dionne Sturdy-Clow

The singer-songwriter Dionne Sturdy-Clow recently put out her fourth song called “No Way”. Dionne is a 20 year old from Doncaster who writes indie/ pop-rock songs, and for being a new artist this is a great, catchy song to put out as a single. This single definitely has a more indie-folk sound. “No Way” was also released with a music video that is available to check out. It was a low budget video, using only two Galaxy S9’s and some editing, an impressive DIY aspect of the song.

This song is about something very relatable…not wanting to get out of bed with the hook saying “there’s no way, not a chance in hell I’m getting out of bed today”. “No Way” is one of those songs to listen to when you’ve just had enough dealing with life, and the reasoning for Dionne Sturdy-Clow being “when demons come they like to sing to themselves” – a fantastic lyric of the song. 

“No way” is a fun, catchy, angry, folky song. It seems simple, yet so effective considering what it’s about. Dionne’s vocals and lyrics really display her anger. Even with the obvious feeling of anger the song emits, this is such a fun way to express not wanting to deal with the stress of life, or just the next day, anymore. Anyone who listens will relate and have fun while listening to Dionne Sturdy-Clow.

Written by Autumn Martin

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