Waste My Revenge /// The Thing With Feathers

Instead of licking their wounds, Nashville indie rock trio The Thing With Feathers turns their pain into a public spectacle on their latest single, “Waste My Revenge.” With a fiery mindset, this soaring, jangly pop rock tune does not believe in the method of revenge being a dish best served cold. Instead of keeping the drama behind closed doors, the band takes a breakup the hard way and doesn’t care about keeping up appearances.

Bucking the traditional breakup song, “Waste My Revenge” is not the type of crumbling of a partnership until it’s all gone tune. Instead, the moment that sets it into motion comes without warning. Jolted by an earth shattering revelation, it spurs the betrayed into a self-destructive tailspin designed to get back at them in an ultra public way. It still ponders about where it all went wrong and if they can work it out, but the bottom line is immediately getting all of the rage out of their system.

While there’s an instant fury storyline, the melody itself spikes a fever of discontent on an elevated wave of guitar and drums. It’s not the frenzy of disconcerting sound that you would associate with losing your mind over someone. But, it’s the right amount of animosity driven, resentment stoking fervor to spin you out along the way.

“Waste My Revenge” strikes while the iron is hot. Instead of a lukewarm, milquetoast whine about how it all went wrong, it lets the untainted anger flow freely. The Thing With Feathers have made the breakup song that epitomizes the immediate aftermath of a partnership that’s irrevocably broken.

Written by Travis Boyer





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