Dangerous /// Born Astray

Whether the time wasn’t right or the stars never aligned, the reasons why your relationship never reached its potential can be head scratching. Maybe you were the problem after all. Whatever it may be, it’s all enough to make you second guess yourself. On their latest single, “Dangerous,” New Orleans based alt rock band Born Astray delivers an intense, emo-rich sound that spirals out of control into the realm of self-doubt.

In anticipation of the Spring 2023 release of their debut album, “Kinsey Six Genesis,” Born Astray starts off by hitting us all right in the feels with a song about self-realization. Built upon an incendiary set of guitars and drums, “Dangerous” is a fierce tune that’s centered upon coming to grips with who you are and the inherent uncertainty thereof. In addition, according to the band, their new album represents lead singer Cody Pala’s “second coming of age in his 20s” after his coming out in his younger days. In a way, that “coming of age” is reflected in this lead single from the angle of seeking out deeper meaning in a relationship.

However, on “Dangerous,” this relationship is doomed from the start. Reflected in Pala’s exasperation, he lets them know that their friends were right, he is, in fact, “dangerous.” Not a violent threat, mind you, but someone who is emotionally aggressive. Instead of accepting what is, he spins out on wanting more than what’s on offer. In the end, it wasn’t meant to be.

On “Dangerous,” Born Astray goes with a more mature, emo route that takes more of the blame on itself. It is a refreshing take on a sub genre that wants to scream its laments right into the face of whomever’s done them wrong. If this is the direction of the new album, Born Astray would be spearheading a rejuvenated style of impassioned rock.

Written by Travis Boyer





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