Suffice it to say, KLEN are a breed of garage rock band all of their own. On the heels of the “purposeful chaos” of their debut single, “Down The Pen,” the band has unleashed their mongrel of a follow-up, “The Pipers.” Primal to the core, this tune is an unbridled beast of a jam that gleefully defies convention. Running wild on your eardrums with a sonic ferocity is the essence of this animal. 

On “The Pipers,” KLEN replicates their standard manic energy in a shockingly flexible form of jangly, garage rock. Previously, they introduced themselves with a pounding drumbeat taking the lead. Here, KLEN implements even more experimentation with a rubber banding effect on the guitar laden melody. It’s not shake, rattle and roll, it’s stretch, snap and roll.

Driven by a chorus of hooting and hollering wails, the vocal section of “The Pipers” is wildly indecipherable. However, that is what gives this song its primal charm. To be defined or categorized would be giving way to convention. If there’s anything that KLEN would openly despise, it would be strict adherence to expectation. 

Simply put, “The Pipers” is bedlam personified. From the get go, this song winds you up with some crunchy chords that are warped and bent by these mad scientists. Again, KLEN reinforces their mystique as feral creatures of rock: the kind who cannot be caged in by convention. Definition is finite and restrictive to the letter, but innovation is limitless. KLEN’s latest experiment proves that you write your own recipe for success.  

Written by Travis Boyer




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