Disarray /// Motionyear

Ideally, a relationship is an equal partnership that doesn’t leave you shortchanged. However, some people will be stingy with their love and demand undivided attention in order to feed their own ego. Tired of being used, Boston-based emo band Motionyear’s latest single, “Disarray,” is a song for ditching someone who asks the world of you, but is not an equitable partner in any way. 

Inspired by the messy nature of severing all ties, “Disarray” is built upon a rapid, yet choppy style that reflects the disorienting effect of relentless manipulation. It has a palpitating sound to mimic that panicky, rageful bout of resentment one might feel when reaching the point of declaring enough is enough. This is not a pack your things and go, civil break-up. It’s an unruly torrent of resentment in response to being weighed down by selfish demands. 

Quite literally, “Disarray” is about stepping out of the shadows cast upon you by a gloomy relationship. A simple mantra of not letting “dark clouds hide the light of day” represents a newfound optimism that isn’t about to let someone’s ill motives drag them back down. Altogether, this song is about finding the confidence within after having this resource nearly sapped dry by someone’s emotional greed. 

On “Disarray.” Motionyear delivered an empowering brand of emo that is seldom heard. It’s an airing of grievances, but doesn’t sulk about how they were done wrong either. It’s a proactive song that recognizes its own self-worth, even if it isn’t evident to everyone else. 

Written by Travis Boyer






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