Not Satisfied /// Chasing Vampires

Chasing Vampires – an alternative rock band based in Los Angeles – released their latest track called “Not Satisfied” back in October of this year. This fantastic tune was able to follow the footsteps of a previous single that they released called “Don’t You Leave.”

“Not Satisfied” was able to have a compelling introduction with an accompaniment that is smooth and atmospheric. With warm vocals coming from the singer himself, the guitar has been able to pave the way for what is bound to come next. As the track continues to progress throughout, Chasing Vampires is able to give their listeners a glimpse into what this single is able to offer the world, especially to those who are wanting to find a sound that offers deep and meaningful lyrics. 

With uplifting riffs and endearing melodies to share with the rest of the world, it is said that Chasing Vampires has been able to “create a relaxed rock sound with a bluesy undertone that both soothes and thrills the listening ear.”

If you’re looking for a band that is able to bring tracks that have rhythmic patterns and accompaniments that are full of rhythm, then Chasing Vampires is your go-to band. “Not Satisfied” seems like a real promise as the track is able to share an amazing performance quality, both vocally and instrumentally, as well as sharing melodies that are also strong and melodic to listen to as its sound provides such a distinctive tone that makes the track amazing to listen to.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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