I’ll be gone /// Milena Galasso

Photo Courtesy of Mitja Briscik/The Broadway Studios/Dave Watkins-Pitchford

London-based artist, Milena Galasso, released her latest track called “I’ll be gone” on November 25th. This amazing tune followed the footsteps of her previous single called “Summerstorm.”

“I’ll be gone” was able to have a solid introduction with a smooth, compelling, and rhythmic accompaniment. With warm and impressive vocals from Milena herself, the guitar, drums, and other instruments that were used in this single paved the way for what this single had to share with those who listen to it. As the track continues to progress throughout, Milena has been able to give her intended audience and fans a glimpse into what this song had in store for them. 

Speaking of “I’ll be gone,” Milena wrote this song as soon as she moved to London, the track stemming “from the urge to break free through music.” With a catchy 2000s nostalgic feel, fans will “be able to say goodbye to stress” as they hear this song.

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to provide nostalgia, as well as providing a beat that can make listeners enjoy the track being provided, then Milena Galasso is your go-to artist. “I’ll be gone” seems like a real promise as the song is able to have a great, upbeat vibe that makes the tune stand out well. As the performance quality is, both vocally and instrumentally, high, this track can be able to provide so much comfort to those who are wanting to escape the stress and anything else that bothers them.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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