Powerless /// Darrian Gerard

Subconsciously, we tend to overlook any strangers we encounter in our day to day lives. We tend to think of ourselves as vital main characters in settings dotted with unremarkable NPCs. In reality, everyone has an identity of their own and a tale of their own to tell. Canadian alt-rocker Darrian Gerard’s latest single, “Powerless,” is told from the point of view of the forgotten, the overlooked and the nameless among us. Gerard projects the doubt of being rendered invisible to society through a haunting turn of darkwave synth-laden, alt rock.

According to Gerard, “Powerless” is about the life of a homeless girl. It is a song about living without a societal safety net. It speaks to the compounding adversity of losing your basic identity while you’re down and out. Gerard replicates this cold and indifferent world through stark waves of synth to establish a gritty ambience. Altogether, “Powerless” projects a sharp realism through its desolate tone.  

On a song that laments the loss of personal power, Gerard’s spellbinding vocal ability shows up in full force. Her distressed vocals are befitting of the point of view of a wandering, stray soul. It’s one thing to plainly present a ballad of misfortune, it’s another to embody it with your whole voice. Gerard has completely bought into the latter, delivering an enthralling performance that adds significant depth to a poignant narrative.

Personally, identity is the core of who we are to ourselves. However, it is often left invalidated and dismissed. “Powerless” derives its own identity from the very apathetic society that would callously discard its own. As a result, Gerard gives voice to the ones who have no platform to stand upon.  

Written by Travis Boyer





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