Maniac /// The Lunar Keys

There’s enough everyday mental static interference in the world that anymore could push you to the limit. However, some people won’t take a hint and seek to further send you over the edge. In turn, you temporarily lose your grip on sanity and spin out of control. On their latest single, “Maniac,” alt-rockers The Lunar Keys are intentionally pushed into madness. Through a low-key, sinister slant, this track reflects the unnerving disquiet that comes from a nefarious plot to drive you mad.

At the beginning, “Maniac” starts off in a tiptoeing fashion with drippy guitar licks. In reflection of the slow walk away from sanity, it is akin to pristine silence being inconvenienced by a leaky faucet. If you have ever been hyper attuned to each drop hitting a pot or pan on a continuous loop, this typically imperceptible irritant can become indescribably irksome. “Maniac” starts out with a base of general unease and keeps you there indefinitely. 

“Maniac” resides in a place of being set off into a tailspin by someone else. As a result, you are trapped inside your head, trying to make sense of everything. As it turns out, there are no easy exits as you retread over old “pain” and “worries.” It is a lonely state of being that is precipitated by outside noise. On this track, The Lunar Keys capture what it is to be unmoored from calm at someone else’s choosing.

“Maniac” is a cleverly composed track that has designs on giving you a slow developing, manic episode. Instead of being brash, it is much more effective while being subtle. Unhurried, The Lunar Keys builds up the suspense of losing your mind, one piece at a time.

Written by Travis Boyer





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