Bring Out The Sunshine /// Nick Noon

As witnessed on “Costumes,” Nick Noon has a knack for composing epicly evocative arrangements. Straight out of Music City, the alt-rock artist’s follow-up, “Bring Out The Sunshine,” is a deeply moving, exquisite, melodic experience. On this track, Noon plucks at your heartstrings with astounding aplomb as he hangs onto a shred of hope, even in his own hour of darkness. It is impossible not to be swept away by the mellifluous swells put forth on this powerful number.

“Bring Out The Sunshine” is the journey through the metaphorical dark night of the soul. It is a battle to ward off your bitter demons in favor of what will bring you illuminating bliss. Choosing to keep the darkness at bay for a night, Noon wants to bask in another’s light in hopes of rejuvenating his own dusky spirit. Altogether, it’s about keeping the gathering gloom at bay long enough to take solace in someone’s natural radiance.

There are an astounding amount of melodic layers to this track. At the start, it’s solemnly symphonic, followed by a solitary acoustic stint. Suddenly, all of this solitude is dispersed by glorious, uplifting soundwaves to fill out that void. You start out alone, but by the end, you’re blanketed in the warmth of a joyous, choral outburst that is a breathtaking closer. 

In a word, “Bring Out The Sunshine” is monumental. What Nick Noon has brought forth is astonishing for its quality of depth and the natural beauty of its composition. It is an enrapturing work that wants you to feel every note with every fiber of your being and leave no doubt about its purpose. 

Written by Travis Boyer




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