Next To You /// katie drives

In the analog times, we looked up to the posters on our walls as our influencers. A snapshot of His Airness reigning over his dominion while mid-flight was enough to evoke reverence. Now, you are a swipe of the finger away from a digital personality living their best, curated life. German pop rock artist katie drives explores the downside of letting status and image run your life on her latest single, “Next To You.” This emo pop-rock track is about the mental fatigue of trying to measure up to an impossible standard. 

While it starts out as a dour brand of pop rock, “Next To You” drops in hints of frenetic EDM style to turn this “pity party” into a dance party. It is melancholy pop that hides its ennui behind the clever facade of joyous beats. As far as this track goes, you can either dance your blues away or sulk in the corner.

When the lights shine bright enough, everything either glows angelic or harshly pronounces each wretched blemish. On this track, standing in someone else’s shadow, while they emit a light of a thousand suns, only helps to amplify your own flaws. You don’t want to rob them of their shine, but you want to “look better when standing beside” them. As a result, the myth of perfection is propagated and drives appoints herself the “prom queen of her pity party.”

“Next To You” is a dizzying brand of pop rock that amplifies insecurity. katie drives breathes life into the warped sense of self that accompanies viewing others through the distorted prism of perfection. On a track that’s focused on what it can’t be, “Next To You” does not sell itself short where it counts.

Written by Travis Boyer






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