Catfish Motel /// P.M. Tiger

For even the most discerning of folks, it is hard to recognize when you are being played for a fool. In spite of red flags, you still hold on to a scrap of belief that you have found the real deal, the one. However, your doubts become too much to ignore and you want physical confirmation that who you’ve already mentally committed your heart to is, indeed, the genuine article. On their aptly titled single, “Catfish Motel,” Tampa, Florida based indie rockers P.M. Tiger are done with being strung along and buying every word: hook, line and sinker.

Do not let the casual cool, indie rock vibes trick you, “Catfish Motel” isn’t here for a good time. Despite it feeling chill, there’s a healthy dose of passive aggressive angst inside of it. While your toes are tapping to the marginally upbeat serenity of cruising guitars, it is decidedly not overly joyful. In fact, it is befitting of how self-aware the subject of this song becomes. It’s about shaking off glitter from being glamoured by another’s facade. 

However, “Catfish Motel” does have one trick up its sleeve. Instead of only the catfished point of view, it gives a small voice to the catfisher, too. As the catfished reluctantly carries a torch for them, the catfisher accepts the flowers thrown their way and refuses to change. Simultaneously, the catfished is tired of the unrequited zone, but still calls them “exceptional.” Altogether, it is a messy tale of wanting someone to be who you think they are, but reality scrubs the shine off of your dream. 

“Catfish Motel” is a cleverly composed bit of grievance airing. It wants you to think it’s calm and collected, but it can no longer sit idly by and be taken advantage of. P.M. Tiger are not in the mood to play any more mind games. 

Written by Travis Boyer





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