Choked Up /// Frogs In Suits

Anxiety is a debilitating condition that robs you of your own sense of security. It’s an invisible invader that destroys your basic functionality and has designs on making you withdraw from yourself and everyone else. It is not easily driven out by normal means, but requires a higher recognition of what triggers this menace to awaken from dormancy. On their latest single, “Choked Up,” Australian indie rockers Frogs In Suits hide away from everything on this low-key, melancholy soundscape. 

In conjunction with the release of their EP, “Waist Deep,” the band from Tasmania delivers an up front and personal narrative of retreating from the world at large. “Choked Up” doesn’t wallow in the dark with its melody, but it isn’t expressly chipper either. It provides enough of that sullen ambience that goes along with wanting to retire to your safe space. It doesn’t slog on either, briskly traveling along with enough of a restrained, natural panic, but not an overtly fear stricken speed.

“Choked Up” hits upon all of the main aspects that come with suffering from anxiety. Chief among them are seclusion, sensitivity and defeat. As a result of becoming mentally and physically sensitive, your defense is to run and hide from everybody to avoid feeling anything at all. On the other hand, this track admits that it’s unable to be there for others, but desperately wants someone to bail them out before they sink any lower. However, it concedes defeat at every turn to complete the vicious cycle.

On “Choked Up,” Frogs In Suits is trapped in the continuous loop of anxiety. It doesn’t want to bring you down there with them, but it contextualizes what it feels like to be stuck in a treacherous head space with no clear exit. From the sonic tension to the helpless lyrical theme, “Choked Up” aptly creates an apprehensive atmosphere.

Written by Travis Boyer





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