The Only Thing /// Pullstring

Most of the time, the best solution is the simplest one available. Listening to your basic instincts is one way to avoid being trapped in a convoluted mess. Minneapolis indie rockers Pullstring decided to err on the side of simplicity on their latest single, “The Only Thing.” It is a no frills, indie rock sound that creates a homey feel on a track that is laser focused on what matters most. “The Only Thing” is the song before the break-up song where you try to salvage what you have before it is gone for good. 

Aside from a few fiery guitar riffs that are interspersed throughout this track, “The Only Thing” is largely a straightforward indie rock tune. It has hints of a roots rock influence to it in how the guitars sing out in a cozy, homespun way. It is a down to earth soundscape that implores you to remain grounded in the present and doesn’t dare overreach its humble bounds. 

The center storyline of “The Only Thing” is about holding onto what you believe makes you whole. Guided by the mantra that they are “the only thing that makes sense,” it is caught up in the realization that they are their entire world. To put it bluntly, “it is funny how we all need somebody” is what someone might say when they take something for granted. “The Only Thing” is in the beginning stage of finding out what it is to lose.

“The Only Thing” wants to buy time to figure out where it went wrong. By doing so, it is a measured approach that takes a pause rather than fast forwards to a rushed conclusion.  However, Pullstring apparently discovered that an effortless tactic works as well, if not better, than a grand melodic gesture.       

Written by Travis Boyer





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