Be Brave /// Sweet Imperfections

At some point, everyone gets knocked down, even a little bit, because the world is continuously throwing haymakers at all of us. No one is immune to stress and consequently wondering what your role is in this weird, wild, yet wonderful thing that we call life. Indie pop singer Bri Schillings and her band, Sweet Imperfections, take on the task of finding inner strength in the face of adversity on their latest single, “Be Brave.” It’s a gentle, compassionate style of pop rock that wants to uplift your spirit high and clear above the fray.

Sweet Imperfections began as a two-year project with the intent of releasing one song per month. Released on November 25, “Be Brave” is timely in its arrival for a time of year in which mental health challenges can be amplified. The holiday season is not merry and bright for everyone. It is a song that reminds you to keep your head held high, even when you may feel the lowest. For those who find it difficult to embrace holiday cheer, “Be Brave” serves a comforting message of hope.

“Be Brave” has a soft, indie pop sound that only helps to reinforce the meditative cleanse it aspires to be. Along with Schillings’ soothing vocals, it is a calming influence that asks you to leave your baggage behind you for a moment. “Be Brave” is an effortlessly easy listen that doesn’t impose, but strongly encourages in a pacifying way.

Altogether, “Be Brave” boils down to the belief that tomorrow is another day by leaving today’s strife in the past. It wants you to find the courage to live your life the way you want in spite of contrarian influence. Schillings and Sweet Imperfections lead the way forward to living your best life through this track’s rich optimism.

Written by Travis Boyer






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