Together /// Rebecca Sichon

Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Wednesday

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter, Rebecca Sichon, released her latest track called “Together” on November 25th. This fantastic tune followed the footsteps of an EP that she released a year ago titled “Dream Book.”

“Together” was able to have a smooth introduction with a compelling accompaniment. With heartfelt vocals from Rebecca herself, the instruments that were used in the track paved the way for what this single had to offer to the rest of the world. As the track continues to progress throughout, Rebecca has been able to give her intended audience, as well as first-time listeners, a glimpse into a story that is being told through her point of view. 

Speaking of “Together,” Rebecca shares how this single was “written about facing my own fears with love and seeing the beauty of achieving things with my partner.” It has also been shared that this track “is bound to fall into the arms of lovers of romance, vulnerability and captivating R&B melodies.”

If you’re looking for a singer/songwriter that writes meaningful lyrics with words that provide such a story that others might relate to on a certain level, then Rebecca Sichon is your go-to singer/songwriter. “Together seems like a real promise as the track has been able to provide lyrics that provide storylines that listeners could possibly relate to in so many ways when it comes to facing their own fears. While the performance quality is high, both vocally and instrumentally, this track can be, at many levels, relatable.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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