Here With You /// The Starkillers

When we last met indie rockers The Starkillers, we were transported to a bleak, distant future via a poppy, dystopian era, break-up song. However, this time around, the band is firmly in the present while hoping to make a moment last forever on their new single, “Here With You.” Trading in their streamlined indie rock sound for a softer pop rock aesthetic, the Salt Lake City-based band opts for the serenity of living in and basking in the here and now.

“Here With You” starts out very gentle and grounded with an acoustic-led intro. Eventually, this track takes off with an uplifting style of cozy indie rock. It is a velvety smooth ballad style that beckons you to take a pause and embrace its melodic warmth. Altogether, this track sounds natural and unspoiled by forgoing any artificial fillers that would mar its pure appeal.

As opposed to “Close To The End,” which was the aftermath of a break-up set in the end times, ‘Here With You” turns back the clock to when you were on the verge of falling head over heels for them. On this night, there is no place in the world they would rather be. In turn, they describe the flood of sights and sounds that overwhelm them into kindling a newfound passion. “Here With You” is the pristine, early stages of when everything is brand new with a story that has yet to be written. 

“Here With You” is one of those songs that welcomes the beauty of the unknown with quiet confidence. The Starkillers embrace the moment without getting far ahead of themselves. As a result, “Here With You” recounts all the ways they are witness to a perfect sliver of time before its passage can dull its shine.

Written by Travis Boyer





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