Headwires /// Frogs In Suits

“Headwires” is a new single by Alternative Rock band Frogs In Suits. This tune uses hard hitting guitar chords and vocal melodies to craft together a catchy and mesmerizing song. They are heavily influenced by classic grunge artists, however this song still has elements of pop that make it an interesting combination of genres. 

Frogs In Suits has four members, who met in secondary school in 2019. They are Harry Yates, lead singer, songwriter, and rhythm guitarist. Hamish Lehner, lead guitarist and backup vocals. Jordan Grant, bass and backup vocals. Justin Bailey, drummer and backup vocals. They are from Australia. 

Harry Yates is the main songwriter for the band, and he explained how he sees this song. “Headwires is the spontaneous product of many emotions. An overwhelming sense of desperation and worthlessness. I simply couldn’t put down the guitar or stop composing lyrics in my head. This song represents mortality and the thin line that separates life from death,” he said. 

The guitars present a calm and soothing introduction to the song, with them growing in texture during the chorus and verses. Yates lead vocals are touching and the lyrics offer reflection and perseverance. “Such loss, such little to gain,” he sings. The drums and bass are vital to the track, as they complete the whole experience.

Yates also shared this about the connection the band wants to develop with the listeners. “We want people to feel the same way we do when writing music and performing. The emotions that drove our songs into creation–despair, sadness, frustration, and angst. Yeah OK, we have lots of fun, too. But music is a form of art. Life is art. So, we ask, why wake up if there’s nothing to feel?” he said.

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