“Violence” is a new single by Alternative Rock group Movment. They are from Ireland. This song features heavy distorted guitars, and an aggressive vocal delivery. The song has catchy riffs and the drums power along to match the energy of the guitars. 

The song touches on our dark emotions, including what makes people violent. With the press release for the song, Movment shared what the song is about. “The song is about anger, rage, and the turmoil in our heads at times of intense pressure. Ask yourself what has brought us to this state? We hold ourselves back. We pause. We hesitate. It is better to move forward. Drive onwards. Take risks. Face up to the turmoil head on. Avoid procrastination. Create. Don’t be drawn into stagnation. The difficulties of life are everywhere. Push on and confront every situation that you meet. Be Not Afraid!” they said. 

The composition has some similarities to classic punk and hard rock songs of the past, but with a new passion and temperament. “Hold on to yourself, before you are taken,” they sing. This song is heavy in sound and heavy in lyrical material, and the song is executed very well. The vocals takeover the second half of the track, as the song hits its climax and then it all comes to an end. 

Movment has four members in the band. Martin on vocals and drums, Kevin on guitars and keyboard, Mark on bass, and Isabella on guitars. They recently released their second album back in May 2022.

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