Broken Heart /// Satellite Train

Photo Courtesy of Gigs Glenz Photography 

Melbourne-based band, Satellite Train, released their track called “Broken Heart”, which featured Icehouse band member, Michael Paynter, on October 21st. This rockin’ tune followed the acoustic version of the single under the same name, which was released ten days prior on October 11th.

“Broken Heart” was able to have an atmospheric introduction with a powerful and creative accompaniment. With rich vocals from Michael and singer-songwriter, Susan Turner, themselves, the sounds of the guitar and other instruments that were used in this single were able to pave the way for what this song had to share with the world, especially for those who listen to the track for the first time or those who are wanting to have new songs to listen to.

Featuring a bunch of talented artists from both Australia and the United States, Satellite Train was said to have combined the styles of classic rock, soft rock, and rock-pop for an experience that can easily be listened to, especially if there are listeners that are searching for new music to jam out to. Not only that but “Broken Hearts” can make new or current listeners and fans relate to its meaningful lyrics.

If you’re looking for a band that creates a solid accompaniment and brings a lot of atmospheric abilities, then Satellite Train is your go-to band. “Broken Heart” seems like a real promise as the song is able to provide a tune that is able to get listeners to feel the rhythm, enjoying what the track had to offer them as the song would progress even further.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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