It’s Okay /// Karen Harding

Photo Courtesy of Susan Bradfield Photography 

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Karen Harding released her latest track, “It’s Okay”, on December 16th. This fantastic tune followed her previous single which was called “Strong For You.”

“It’s Okay” is able to have a smooth introduction with a rhythmic and compelling accompaniment. With warm and expressive vocals from Karen herself, the sounds of any instruments being used in the track itself were able to pave the way for what this song had to share, especially for those who are in need of listening to a different genre. As the track continues to progress throughout, Karen has been able to give her intended audience a glimpse into what this track has been able to offer with its original lyrics.

Speaking of “It’s Okay,” it has been shared that this track has been able to tell “a story of self-frustration.. of believing that you should be somewhere, someone or somehow different than where you are.. and then allowing yourself to drop it and let go in compassion for yourself, letting yourself know that it is truly ok for things to be exactly as they are.”

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to provide a tale to tell or a story that can let others know that things are okay just as they are, then Karen Harding is your go-to artist. “It’s Okay” seems like a real promise as this song is able to provide a tune that is atmospheric but creative and balanced at the same time as the track continues.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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