Oops I Got Sad /// Little Champion

Photo Courtesy of Rita Kovtun

Little Champion, a project created by North Carolina native, Dustin Goldklang, released his latest track called “Oops I Got Sad” on December 2nd. This fantastic tune followed in the footsteps of another single/EP that contained two tracks called “Snow Day” and “Holiday.”

“Oops I Got Sad” was able to have such a creative introduction with a rhythmic accompaniment. With warm vocals from Dustin himself, the sounds of the guitar and any other instruments being used in the track were able to pave the way for what this song had to share with the world, especially for those who are wanting to have a song that they can relate to. As the track continues to progress, Dustin has been able to give his intended audience a glimpse into the track’s deep lyrics. 

Speaking of “Oops I Got Sad,” it has been shared by Dustin that he “wrote this song about being sad after getting ghosted.”

If you’re looking for an artist or a project created by an artist that shares a story through song lyrics, especially if it involved someone not having any communication with the other person that they have talked to for a decent amount of time, then Little Champion is your go-to project. “Oops I Got Sad” seems like a real promise as this track is able to provide a relatable story that listeners, current or new, are able to relate to when it comes to someone having no contact with the other person for a while.

Written by Sherryl Citera





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