Ramillies-based artist, Lukx, whose real name is Lucas Malmport, released his latest track titled “Hello” on February 17th. This catchy tune was able to follow in the footsteps of his previous single called “J’aime trop.” 

Produced as a father-and-son duo team with his father, Nils Malmport, who also goes by Dad, “Hello” was able to have an introduction that is atmospheric, the instrumentation being rhythmic and compelling. With soulful vocals from Lukx himself, any instruments that are involved in this tuneful piece were able to make this track rather upbeat and groovy, creating a sound that is exciting for all to hear. As the track continues to progress throughout, Lukx is able to give his intended audience a beat for all to dance to, regardless of where they are.

Speaking of “Hello,” it has been stated that this track is about being able to get up “every morning of every day in this life.”

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to get everyone up out of their seats, jamming to a beat that is melodic and catchy in every way possible, then Lukx is your go-to artist. “Hello” seems like a real promise as the track is able to provide tunes that are able to make one person or multiple people dance without a care in the world with their melodious melodies, creative accompaniments, and clever lyrics coming from an artist that is not just professional but is, in many ways, talented with a performance quality that was high throughout vocally and instrumentally, as well as having a potential that is strong.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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