Song Cry /// Marc Rangel

Based in Los Angeles, California, independent singer/songwriter, Marc Rangel, released his latest track called “Song Cry” on February 24th. This fantastic tune was able to follow the footsteps of his 2021 EP titled “all’s well that ends well.”

“Song Cry” was able to have a compelling introduction with an accompaniment that is rhythmic and creative. With expressive vocals from Marc himself, the instruments involved in this piece were able to make the track melodious and well-shaped, creating such an atmospheric sound. As the track continues to progress throughout, Marc is able to give his intended audience a story that those listening can, in many ways, relate to.

Speaking of “Song Cry,” Marc had shared that this track was about him being “in a “situationship” for about 2 years with this guy I really liked. And it turned out he had an entire 6 year long secret relationship that he was hiding from me all that time…”

If you’re looking for an artist that is able to provide a tune with deep but meaningful lyrics, then Marc Rangel is your go-to artist. “Song Cry” seems like a real promise as this track was able to share a story that others may relate to when it comes to being a position where things began to unfold. Not only is Marc talented, but he was able to bring forth creativity that is able to shine through with tuneful melodies, rich accompaniments, and a strong potential that makes this track, in many ways, smooth and compelling.

Written by Sherryl Citera






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