Ghost Song /// Mooncult

Ignoring the expression, ‘quiet or you’ll wake the dead,’ Brooklyn-based alt-rock band Mooncult conducts a garage rock-guided seance on their brand new single, “Ghost Song.” Proving that every season can be turned into spooky season, the band’s first of six singles in 2023 casts a pall over the springtime’s procession of rebirth and renewal. “Ghost Song” is a gritty garage rock number with a slight twist of otherworldly psych to send a crisp chill down your spine.

On “Ghost Song,” the band covers itself in a crunchy reverb alongside some lightning quick riffs. At times, these riffs will scratch and claw their way out of the static and tear through the veil. Altogether, it’s the very DIY aesthetic of this track that enhances the eerie aura surrounding it. Overall, it has such a raw and improvised sound that lives for being blared through a crackling, partially blown out, thrift store amplifier for the whole neighborhood to hear, whether they want to or not.

With a name like Raven Mystere, it’s only natural to bring a mystifying presence to a track such as this. In a shoegazey sort of way, Mystere’s vocals are often ensconced in this lo-fi field of noise that clouds much of her voice. Amplifying the spooky factor tenfold, it helps to give “Ghost Song” an added, unearthly presence. What does break through the ether is Mystere announcing to the world: “I’m weird. I’m really really weird. I’m so weird.” On the contrary, by straying from the norm, Mooncult separates themselves from the pack of straightforward rock outfits with their homegrown track, “Ghost Song.”

Written by Travis Boyer





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