Island /// onedaybear

No matter what form of government you currently live under around the world, nationalism is a drug. Cast as patriotism, politicians sell an opiate of fear, compelling the addicted to rally behind their movement to ‘take our country back.’ In the United Kingdom, the Brexit movement to leave the European Union can be characterized as a nationalist experiment gone awry. On his new single, “Island,” alt rock artist onedaybear explores being left on your own without any more lifelines to cling to. 

Manchester, United Kingdom resident Michael Snitchblossom is the creative force behind the project known as onedaybear. According to Snitchblossom, “Island” is about “dodgy landlords” and the “post-Brexit years” in Manchester. In the light of Brexit, the imagery of being marooned on an island draws upon the isle of Great Britain’s severed ties with the European Union. Quite literally, becoming an island all by itself in the process. 

Keeping with the island theme, there’s a slight playfulness about a few of the riffs on this track. In a subtle way, it’s a sort of tropical flair created to mock how politicians believed the country would have it made in the shade through self-imposed isolation. It’s a brief, melodic device that Snitchblossom uses, but very effective in planting the subliminal seed.

In turn, “Island” brings things closer to home with a leaky roof serving as a reminder that prosperity has yet to shine. What would otherwise be a small nuisance is only magnified by a  dismal state of affairs. No longer just a drop in the bucket, it’s a monsoon of misery. 

Altogether, “Island” is a song about being left to fend for yourself and finding that comfort is less than assured. As onedaybear, Snitchblossom replicates being crestfallen with some rainy day inspired, alt-rock therapy.

Written by Travis Boyer






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